About Us

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away… a boy got his first dirt bike. This wasn’t just any dirt bike, it was a gift from the boy’s dad, and he knew his dad spent hard earned money so the boy could chase his dream. The son’s dream? To race in the dirt in Southern California in the mid 60’s. As the boy grew, he fell in love with all things dirt bike.

That boy eventually grew into a man with his own family. Through his wild stories, love, support, and vast knowledge of the sport, his family grew into the dirt bike loving family that exists today.

Our hearts all beat to the sound of BRAAP.

Who are we? What do we do? Why are we doing this?

As you read above, we’re a family who loves this sport! Go to Crazy4Dirt  to read all about us and to get the latest and greatest news in dirt.

Here at Crazy4Dirt, we dabble in multiple areas! We have an “Articles” page on our media site where we discuss anything and everything Motocross and Supercross – whatever we feel like talking about any given day! These range from our opinions on a rider or race, race recaps, rider spotlights, and more!

We are proud to have just recently  introduced our own merchandise line! We hope to release products that represent both our company as well as individual riders in the near future!

We have several goals in our Crazy4Dirt endeavor:

  • To bring more attention to the sport. There is a large group of people who love Supercross and Motocross, but there is also a sizable number of people who know nothing about it. We want to reach those people and help bring more popularity to both Supercross and Motocross.
  • To supply the fans with more options for merchandise. We all have favorite riders, and we want to create more options for fans to “rep” those riders!
  • To raise money to help support riders’ causes. Whether it be donating to charities that riders support or donating to charities that help the riders themselves. We all know how dangerous racing dirt bikes can be – we want to help raise money for causes that support riders in a time of need.

Please, spread the word about Crazy4Dirt and help us reach our goals and share our deep love of all things dirt!

-Crazy4Dirt Staff

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